Mapping the way to Financial Freedom

Evo Finance is a community driven platform promoting financial well-being to all people of all ages and cultures to be in control of their money and create their own wealth opportunities. It is built on Brise blockchain (BRC-20) with a smart codes that makes it safe to invest and beneficial to hold


About us

What is Evo Finance?

EVO is a BRC-20 token with an elastic supply which rewards its holders with a positive rebase formula, thus creating the Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding token.

  • Evo Finance DeFi with the Auto-staking Protocol or a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, and gives rewards in tokens to holders the stable returns in crypto.
  • Automatic staking and compounding features, gives Fixed APY of 1000% annually.
  • We provide auto staking right in your wallet when you purchase Evo token. No need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are staked, and set to receive rebase rewards. The easiest auto-staking in DeFi.
  • The Evo Auto-staking Protocol pays every 24 Hours

Our vision

To educate the people to control their money. So that can help empower them to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Our mission

As digital currencies have been around for over a decade, we are still at an early stage of a monetary revolution, redistributing wealth and giving everyone a chance to gain financial freedom.


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About us

Road Map

Phase 1(Q1 2022)

  • Website Launch
  • Initial marketing
  • Ama before presale

Phase 2(Q2 April 1st 2022)

  • Presale
  • DEX listing
  • Public sale
  • Coin marketcap Listing
  • Brise Audit

Phase 3(Q2 May 15th 2022)

  • Marketing on high scale
  • Evo game launch
  • Special Club for whales
  • NFT’S Distribution to presale holders
  • Initial CEX Listing

Phase 4(Q3 2022)

  • Announcements of perks of NFT’S
  • NFT’S public launch
  • Influencers and celebrity marketing
  • Announcement of Meta Verse

Phase 5(Q4 2022)

  • Road map of metaverse
  • Introduction of team related to metaverse
  • Development of Projects in Metaverse
  • Announcement of Debit and credit cards

Phase 6(Q1 2023)

  • Announcement of investment company
  • Completion of technical requirements for cards
  • Registration for cards
  • Road map of investment company

Phase 7(Q2 2023)

  • Issuance of cards
  • Launching of Bank in metaverse
  • Invitations for NFT holders
  • Roadmap v2



5% of the trading fees is directed to the Reserve which helps sustain and back the Staking Rewards provided by the Positive Rebase.


5% of the trading fees goes to backing the liquidity of the pair ensuring an ever-increasing collateral value.


4% of the buys and 8% of the sales go directly to the treasury which supports the Reserve value

Current Evo price
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Coming Soon
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Our Future Projects

Evo Game

Evo game is our future project that allows Evo token holders to generate even more rewards. Simple, Powerful and Proven.

  • Your Evo Tokens Give You Access to Game.
  • Easy to Enter Easy to Play
  • Multiple Big Winners Each Week
  • No One Loses Their Initial Deposit
  • Even if you don’t win, keep all of your money!

The instructions and rules will be announced once the Game is live


We are going to launch our own premium collection of NFT’s with best perks possible. The NFT’S are provided free to Pre-sale holders. The perks will be announced at later stages


 We are going to enter the Metaverse with a massive projects. The team involved in Metaverse projects will be doxxed to public. The details will be provide to Holders according to roadmap

Payment methods :-

we are going to launch both debit card and credit card. All the details and team related to payments will be doxxed to public.

Investment company :-

we are going to launch investment company. All the details and team related to company will be doxxed to public. The investments will be done based on approval from holders

The 50% Profits which will be earned from all the projects will be given back to the community and the remaining 50% will be used for future developments of those projects.

Token Distribution




Frequency Asked Questions

Evo finance/Evo token is a utility token focused on evolution of payment systems. our aim is to provide passive income and financial freedom to holders.

No, we are privately doxxed to the Brise team and doxxed among us. The team   which is working on our future projects will be doxxed to the public including the social media handels At present liquidity is locked for 10 years

The apy is sustainable because of the future projects. you can read about our upcoming projects in roadmap



Tech and Legal Advisor
Marketing Manager


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